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How to register a doctor in DVNAPMS EXPRESS Edition. It is a Free Edition ? Or DVNAPMS Hospital Edition ?

Whenever any user of DVNAPMSEXPRESS will use first time doctor registration page then they have required guide to use it. Step by step guide to doctdr registration procedure in DVNAPMSEXPRESS or Hospital Edition. This article is subjected to change any time whenever application will goes to change modify and version upgrade on day to day basis.

Step 1.Type or click on URLà Go to DVNAPMSEXPRESS Login Panel à Put User Name and Password à Click on Log In button à it will open as given below.

DVNAPMS-2016 | DVNA Patient Management System Express Edition

Step 2. It will open contains Page as given below à Select Doctor Registration Page à Click On It

DVNAPMS | Dvna Doctor Registration Containts Page

Step 3. Go To First Name Text box and fill it à Go To Last Name Text box and fill it à Go To Mobile No Text box and fill it. Now full name automaticaly will be written in full name text box à Go To Email ID Text box and fill it à Select Country. à Select State à Select city. à Fill Address Line 1 à Fill Address Line 2 à Fill PIN. à Select doctor Registration Fee. à Select Registration Fee Status à Click on register doctor button.

DVNAPMS | Doctor Registration page

Step 4. Now you can generate doctor registration receipt as followed steps in image given below. à Now export doctor registration receipt in pdf format à it is shown as given below.

DVNAPMS-2016 | HRD Print Doctor Registration Form page

DVNAPMS-2016 | HRD Select DropDownMenu page

Step 5. Now click on open button as shown below àIt will print doctor registration receipt àDoctor Registration is completed successfully.

DVNAPMS-2016 | HRD Select DropDownMenu page

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