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Website Design

Static Website Design

A static website is the cheapest and most popular form of website and does not use any server technologies high resolution graphics. The benefits of a static website design are faster, secure and cheap as compared to animated or dynamic websites. A static website updating frequency is very low (once in a month), and it is not dependents on any server technologies like PHP or ASP.NET.

Static Website Design Cost

We offer static website design from Rs 5000.00 to Rs 10000.00. With including of 1 year AMC this prize is valid for our customer's website like Doctors Clinic, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools, College, computer shop, Restaurant and hotels. To place an order start now free user registration.

Animated Website Design

Animated Website is very popular and market demanded type of website. It is generally build with high quality images, the web pages are loaded with different animations, slide shows, visual effects which provides a rich look and feel to the website. Animated websites are good for providing interfaces and promotions for a product or service like car showroom, Jewelers, luxury tiles, Builders etc.

Animated Website Design Cost

We offer animated website design from Rs 10000.00 to Rs 1,00,000.00. With including of 1 year AMC. To place an order start now free user registration.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic websites is dynamic in nature are built with scripting and database, dynamic website shares information, which keeps updating on a regular interval of time. Some good examples would be News websites, Stock websites, Social networking websites, these websites are dynamic in nature because information provided in such websites keeps updating every now and then.

We offer dynamic website design from Rs 4,00,000.00 to Rs 10,00,000.00 with including of 1 year AMC. To place an order start now free user registration.

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