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Admission Department Role

Admission Department Role is a group of users. Those users working in patient admission activity for Hospital or Corporate Hospital or Enterprise Hospital or Nursing Home known as admission department role. The design and access permission of Admission Forms, Discharge Forms, and Transfer Forms for patient users defined according to need of department and user usability. They can do their job and his patient care in easy way. Hence it is an user friendly, safely and secured user role.

Step 1. LogIn Panel

From here you have to authenticate your User Name and password then it will open contains page. The containts page is the main page of software. It will show you summary of all activity related to hospital software.

DVNAPMS 2016 Login Panel

Step2. DVNAHIMS Containts Page.

Containts page is the summrised view of entire Dvna Hospital Information System Software which will show you main location or path of links, keywords and modules.

DVNAPMS 2016 Containts Page

Step3. Patient Admission page

Go to Containts Page. It will open Admission page as shown in below.

DVNAPMS 2016 Admission Page

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