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Human Resource (HR) Roles In DVNAHIMS

It is a type of users. This type of user will manage of user’s permissions, create new users, interview schedules, offer letters, date of joining etc. They can do some necessary configuration of application. It is very important role in DVNAPMS or DVNAHIMS application. This type of role should be assign to responsible person only. If got unauthorized person this type of role then they can disrupt normal behavior of business. They can manage entire payroll activity of hospital for example monthly payslip, salary sheet and attendance etc

Step 1. Customer Interaction

DVNAPMS Customer Interaction Page

Step 2. Interview Grid

DVNAPMS Interview Grid Page

Step 3. Interview Page

DVNAPMS Interview Page

Step 4. Employee Grid

DVNAPMS Employee Grid Page

Step 5. Employee Page

DVNAPMS Employee Page

Step 6. Employee History Grid

DVNAPMS Employee History Grid Page

Step 7. Employee History

DVNAPMS Employee History Page

Step 8. Login Creation Grid Page

DVNAPMS Login Creation Grid Page

Step 9. Login Creation Page

DVNAPMS Login Creation Page

Step 10. Interview Salary Grid

DVNAPMS Interview Salary Grid Page

Step 11. Interview Salary Structure

DVNAPMS Interview Salary Structure Page

Step 12. Employee Salary Grid

DVNAPMS Employee Salary Grid Page

Step 13. Employee Salary Structure

DVNAPMS Employee Salary Structure Page

Step 14. Monthy Payslip Grid Page

DVNAPMS Payslip Grid Page

Step 15. Monthly Payslip Page

DVNAPMS Monthly Payslip

Step 16. Employee Address Grid

DVNAPMS Employee Address Grid Page

Step 17. Application For Advance Cash

DVNAPMS Application For Advance Cash Page

Step 18. Bank And PAN Details

DVNAPMS Bank And Pan Details Page

Step 19. Commission Details

DVNAPMS Commission Details Page

Step 20. Commission Details Entry

DVNAPMS Commission Entry Page

Step 21. Department Info

DVNAPMS Department Info Page

Step 22. Doctor Fee Entry

DVNAPMS Doctor Fee Page

Step 23. Doctor Qualification Grid

DVNAPMS Doctor Qualification Grid Page

Step 24. Doctor Qualification

DVNAPMS Doctor Qualification Page

Step 25. Doctor Registration

DVNAPMS Doctor Registration Page

Step 26. Doctor Timing List

DVNAPMS Doctor Timing List Page

Step 27. Doctor Timing Page

DVNAPMS Doctor Timing Page

Step 28. Employee Address

DVNAPMS Employee Address Page

Step 29. Employee Type

DVNAPMS Employee Type Entry Page

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