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Discharge Department Role In DVNAPMS

Discharge or care transfer is an important part of care management in any health care organization. It ensures that health and social care systems are proactive in supporting individuals and their families and careers to either return home or transfer to another Health care Organization or Hospital. It also ensures that systems are using resources efficiently. This practical resource provides practitioners and organizations with advice to support improvements in how they manage the discharge of individuals and transfer of care between Hospitals.

Discharge Department role in DVNAPMS has rights to manage the patient discharge activities. It is a discharge department level permission to manage patient discharge. Those users who is containing discharge department role can make discharge summary of admitted patient in Hospital. They can also provide advice medicine with the help of consultant or doctor. Few separate links is Advice Medicine On Discharge, Bank And Pan Details, Bed Details, Bed Details Info, Bed Release Grid, Department Info, Leave Application Page and Discharge Summary Grid etc. Here these links are personal and general activity.

There is dependency between bed released and patient discharged. Whenever any patient will admit in hospital through admission department or patient admission then admission id will show in patient discharge grid and indicate that this patient is ready to make discharge summary. Your admission ID will not show in patient discharge grid until admitted through patient admission process. You can’t release the bed until your discharge summary is ready.

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