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Nurse Role

Nurse Role: In Dvna Hospital Information Management Software (DNAHIMS)

In case of Hospital or any health care organization nurse roles is very important because nurse examine, care and helps patients who have been referred to the hospital or health care organization by General Physicians and other health care professionals. They have medical knowledge and skills to manage patients. They work in wards and outpatient clinics or Hospital. Nurses are working and following the processes according to hospital, clinic, nursing home and OT. It is defining the work of nurses and maintain the work history of nurses. To maintain the work history inside hospital is one more difficult task.

We have consider all difficulties of nurses in our software DVNAPMS. It is equivalent to a hospital Information Management System Software. Here nurses can easily find their patient care historical records as well as their work history details. Activity of nurses is electronically recorded and visible to needs and according to their requirement. Some important links are Doctor IPD Visit Grid and Nurse Grid Page, Leave Application Page, Bed Details Info Page. With the help of nurse grid page, nurses can manage all incoming and outgoing patient care records. Nurses can fill all these details by using nurse page. On nurse grid page you will find one link patient. This link is called patient admission link. Whenever, you will click on patient admission link then it will open nurse page.

Doctor IPD Visit: It is also an important link for nurse which will keep the information about Inpatient visit assignment of hospital. Nurse can closely manage their inpatient visit details and patient records. Same panel will be also visible in front of doctor. Those nurses use this panel can assign the Inpatient visit to a doctor or doctors. In this way hospital can save Inpatient historical data and auto notification to doctor and finally increased the efficiency and accuracy of works.

Step1. Nurse Login Panel


Step2. Containts Page


Step3. Nurse Grid Page


Step4. Nurse Page


Step5. Doctor IPD Visit Grid


Step6. Doctor IPD Visited Page


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