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Doctor Role

We have considered all difficulties of doctors in our Dvna Hospital Information Management Software DVNAHIMS. In this software doctors can easily find their patient historical records as well as consultation fee details.

What Kinds of Activities will be managed in doctor roles?

There are various kinds of activities inside doctor roles. They can manage following important and required activities.

1. Patients Appointment Types

2. Advance Appointments

3. Same days Appointments

4. Patients Appointment History

5. Patient Queue List Search by Doctor Name between dates

6. Patient Appointment List On Particular Date for all doctors

7. Patient Appointment List On Particular Date for Individual doctor

8. Patient Visited Status.

9. Patient Visits Cancel

10. Patient Visits Progress.

11. Doctor’s Prescription.

12. Patient Cross Verify.

13. Next Appointment Schedule.

14. Referred Patient.

15. IPD Visits

16. Total Fee Collection Report

17. Appointment SMS

18. Reminder SMS

19. Auto Email

20. Auto Reports

The doctor’s activities is electronically recorded and visible to doctors according to their requirement. Some important links are Doctor Panel, Doctor IPD Visit and Reporting. With the help of doctor panel link, doctors can manage all incoming and outgoing patient visit records.

What is Doctor IPD Visit Panel?

It is also a panel for doctors which will keep the information about Inpatient visit assignment of hospital. Doctor can closely manage their inpatient visit details and patient records. This panel is very helpful to doctors and nurses. Here you can also assign doctors in shift. It may me morning shift, Evening Shift and General Shift. Shift will be define by hospital management. This is variables and depends cultures or curriculum of Hospitals. Same panel will be also visible in front of Nurse. Those nurses use this panel can assign the Inpatient visit to a doctor or doctors. In this way hospital can save Inpatient historical data and auto notification to doctor and finally increased the efficiency and accuracy of works.

What are advantages of IPD Visit Panel?

There are various types of advantage of Doctor IPD Visit Panel. It depends upon your intellectuality and your interest as well as your habit and positivizes. It is user friendly, attractive look and well managed panel.

1. Separate IPD Patient List

2. Open Individual Patient

3. Create IPD Visit

4. Update IPD Visit

5. Set Visit In Shift

6. Track Status of Doctor Visit.

7. Unique Visit ID for Each Patient

8. IPD Visit Collection

9. IPD Visit Can Manage by Nurse as well As Doctors etc.

What is needs of Doctor Role?

In case of Hospital or any health care organization doctor roles is very important because doctors examine, diagnose and treat patients who have been referred to the hospital or health care organization by General Physicians and other health professionals. Doctors have medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis, prevention and management of disease. They work in wards and outpatient clinics in the public sector but also in the private sector. As well as treating patients, they refer them to a wide range of other healthcare professionals including nurses, radiographers, pharmacists and physiotherapists. Hospital doctors work within a number of specialties, of which the most common are Anaesthetics, Emergency medicine, General Medicine, General surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, trauma and Orthopedics. Hence we can say doctor roles is very important and required for anywhere in health care organization.

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